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Looking for temporary or permanent work?


Why SND Staffing?

Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent employment we can help to provide the Job you want in the industries that we serve. We cover all 3 shifts in order to give you the best chance at finding employment. By choosing SND staffing you have the advantage of finding employment quickly as we have clients who are eager to use a hard-working individual like you!


As a temporary or permanent employee with SND Staffing, you will be given the opportunity to learn job skills and add value to the company you are placed. The process is easy and simple. All you need to do to apply is: bring in a Government issued photo ID, and your Social Security Card to be able to apply the same day you come into one of the offices closest to you (Office contact information can be found on "Contact Us" page). If you have any certifications such as (Forklift License) please bring this in, we will be happy to find a position for you that utilizes skills that you already posses. 

We provide various advantages in aiding your entry/return to the work force.

  • Ability to work in a variety of fields (based on skill)

  • Long-term & Short-term 

  • 3 shifts available 

  • Permanent positions

  • Competitive pay rates

  • Transportation to and from job site (depending on availability) 

  • Overtime hours for some locations

Submit your application form and resume to begin your job search today!

Download, and fill out the form below for a fast aplication process. If you would like, you can send your resume to . Once submitted one of our recruiters will contact you to advance the



Please note: you must bring in proper documentation to complete aplication process.

Any of our openings interest you?

Tell us who you are and you're on your way to an interview!



"A friend of mine told me about SND Staffing. I was not satisfied in the job i was working so I went to the SND Staffing office to apply. Within 2 days i was working at a food production plant. Ive been working here for 11 months now".

Mike W, Forklift Driver