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Is your company in need of a productive staff?



       SND Staffing Services strives for exceptional service through a personalized customer oriented approach to serving our clients staffing needs in the Maryland-DC area. SND Staffing Services focuses on recruiting top notch light industrial, janitorial and office service workers. Our staffing specialists understand the importance of our workforces, resulting in targeted solutions and skilled, dependable workers. We specialize in areas such as Manufacturing, Packaging, Fulfillment, Distribution, Warehousing, Janitorial, Hotel Services, Office Administration and more. 


SND Staffing Services has the most competitive rates in the industry. We offer skills testing and customized orientation to ensure employees are knowledgeable and dependable in their daily functions. For our large clients we will provide an on-site manager to work on location offering total hands on recruitment and management of your workforce. SND Staffing Services also offers drug testing, background screening and social security verification to accommodate our clients’ needs.




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We provide several services that will give you a return on investment, and allow you to Focus on other aspects of your Business. With SND Staffing your core employees wont have to worry about:

  • Insurance

  • Payroll

  • Employee Litigation

  • Testing/Training

  • Hiring/Firing

  • Unemployment Claims

  • Workers Compensation


SND Staffing has been great for my business! During the Holidays we get extremely busy and SND Staffing is there when i need extra staff. Working with them has allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business.


- Krystine F. 



After opening a new fresh cut facility, we were struggling to meet the labor demands on a daily basis.  A few weeks into it, we had gotten orders beyond the capability of the then current staffing choice we made.  It had become obvious, one early afternoon, we were not going to make the deadlines to complete the orders, even if we worked around the clock.  I made the call to SND Staffing and a few short hours later, we were producing product as never before.  We finished much earlier than expected.  That was surely a less than conventional way to initiate a relationship with a staffing agency.  More than a year later, we continue to see that type of effort and response on our behalf.  Professional, responsive and a commitment to the task at hand.


-Norman C.